Lost Kingdom: Unclaimed

Turn 02

Respect & Harvests

Turn: 02
Conducted By: Tik
Council Present: Krain
Upkeep Phase
Control DC: 23
Stability Check: 29 (1 BP)
Consumption: 19 – 16 = 3
Item Generation
Unrest: None
Improvement Phase
Leadership: No Change
Construction: None
Hexes Claimed: Q 11
Cities: : Graveyard in Fort Belnagh.
Roads Built: None
Farms Established: O 11.
Edicts: No Change
Income Phase
Deposits: 0
Withdrawal: 0
Item Sales: 0
Income: 40 (
Final BP: 3 + 8 =11

Operations: Scouting party to cell Q 10

-Party was ambushed by Hellion Goblins and their Gnoll Taskmasters.

-Janus Sunbringer, an NPC Cleric, has joined the Party.


Inkwellangel Inkwellangel

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