Lost Kingdom: Unclaimed

Turn 01

Let their will be known

Turn: 01
Conducted By: Rion
Council Present: Avaya, Krain, Pedd, & Tik.
Upkeep Phase
Control DC: 23
Stability Check:
Consumption: 28 – 16 = 12
Item Generation
Unrest: None
Improvement Phase
Leadership: Avaya elected to position of Baroness.
Rion Lockhart elected to position of Spymaster.
Pedd Dragonslayer elected to position of Marshal.
Tik elected to position of Councilor.
Krain elected to position of General.
Ghost Robert elected to position of Grand Diplomat
Perks elected to position of Warden.
Mogmurch elected to position of Treasurer.
Zace elected to position of Magister.
Construction: City Walls in The Capital.
Hexes: Raze forest. Cell O 11.
Cities: : Graveyard in Fort Belnagh.
Roads Built: None
Farms Established: O 11.
Edicts: Standard Crime Suite established. MonstrousHumanoidIntegrationAct established.
Income Phase
Deposits: 0
Withdrawal: 0
Item Sales: 0
Income: 32 (+6)
Final BP: 12 + 6 =18

Operations: Scouting Party Cell Q 11.

-Krain lead the party to the dwelling of a Cyclops couple. The monsters were vanquished, although Pedd was critically injured during the fight.


Inkwellangel Inkwellangel

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